22 thoughts on “Download The Dreaming Tree App

  1. Tris Thompson says:

    Great App but it won’t let me use the $5 discount code unfortunately so can’t purchase. 😞
    I’m using the Apple app in my phone. Australia. Is there a minimum purchase?

  2. robin martin smith says:

    wow! I love everything dreaming tree from the files to the tutorials.. you can really tell they’re the best out there! This will make it so much easier for me since I have my phone with me all the time,.. I can always connect and see what’s new,.. what I need or if I need inspiration, they’re always there!

  3. DeEnna Lawson says:

    Well I’m in trouble now!! I’m going to get a notification every time something new comes out. I love it!! Now you’re at my fingertips!!

  4. Alice Smiley says:

    Fabulous! Love the Dreaming team! Awesome designs, incredible trailer and Leo’s instructions! You are simply the best!!! Have added several friends and share you on my f/b page!!

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