91 thoughts on “12 Days of Giveaways

  1. Joan DelPozzo says:

    Totally enjoy making your designs. I just finished a dozen of the latest cards and they look wonderful. Now to get them addressed and off, but I really hate to part with them. Thank you for everything.

  2. Sheila Zielonka says:

    I have completed all FIVE ornaments and they are oh so cute, easy (well easyish) colourful and I am hooked on Dreaming tree designs…..WONDERFUL

  3. Liz Lewis says:

    Love, love, love all your designs. Have followed you for quite a few years now and you never disappoint! Merry Christmas and many thanks for hours of joy!

  4. Betiana Ortiz says:

    Thank you so much Dreaming Tree for this huge opportunity! Soooo much excitement! I can’t even! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Good luck Dreaming Tree crafty friends! And Happy Holidays!

  5. Mary Bennett says:

    I love Dreaming Tree , the files are beautiful and video tutorials excellent. If you have a question Leo gets back very quickly and is very helpful no matter what the problem or query is.

  6. Kim says:

    Well my circut explorer only 3yrs old has decided that the sensor light will not work. so now I am praying to win a new machine since like everyone else just can’t afford one. tis the season for things breaking down.
    Good Luck everyone !!! and have a very Merry Christmas

  7. Sandi Brilmyer says:

    I love all of your work. Your video’s are so easy to follow. I’ve enjoyed making your Holiday gift card holder for my grandkids gift cards. Everyone that I sent one of your Christmas Cards to, have either called or emailed to say how special they were to them. Thanks

  8. Dorothy Stevenson says:

    Love the creative designs and the tutorials for each project DreamingTree produces. Keep them coming and many thank you Blessings.

  9. Mary Solomon says:

    I have bought several items from you and I love your SVG files and your instruction video’s are great. Also thanks for the free SVG files

  10. sherry o'brien says:

    love all your things, use many of the simpler one with the senior that I work with they love them thank you for all your designs

  11. Vicki Hill says:

    Thanks for the incredible designs you both come up with! I lost my husband in a car accident a month ago🙁 Not a good time of the year to do do, but cherish what you both have. Merry Christmas and keep those designs happening!

  12. sheryl Chrestiansen says:

    I love your Halloween files and your new Christmas ornaments are so easy to make and are awesome . Already gave a set to a friend and loved them

  13. Janice S. Shepherd says:

    I have not been able to click on the entry form since your contest started. It shows this
    ENTRY FORM and doesn’t let me click anywhere, not even on the gift box beside it. I have missed out on many chances. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

  14. Colleen Walker says:

    I love your designs thank you for offering all your freebies throughout the year.
    Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year !

  15. Mellisa Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for all of the awesome files you create and this wonderful opportunity to win craft products. Wishing you all Amery Christmas

  16. Rita DeCook says:

    I would love to finally be a winner of one of your giveaways. I love all the designs, although I’ve not purchased them “all”, but a lot. Love cutting them out and showing them off. My friends and family give me a lot of “aws” and “cute”, etc.

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