41 thoughts on “2019 Christmas Challenge

    • Mike says:

      Hi, Joy! Right above the entry from there is a ‘View Gallery’ link. If your submission was successful your photo will appear in the gallery. If it’s not there then it wasn’t received and we would recommend resubmitting. Hope this helps!

  1. Jean Horner says:

    I understand only dreaming tree Svgs. One question. You said basic shapes can be cut. Can letters cut from SCAL on my Cricut be used if you project need a word or two as a title?

  2. bjhop40 says:

    Question .? I know there is only one entry per person, but can we have more than one picture of the same project. Example. Mine lights up , so a reg shot ,night shot, and a top shot. Hopefully this makes sense. Thank you

    • Mike says:


      You can combine your photo into a layout so that 1 photo has multiple shots. We do ask that only 1 photo be uploaded per person.

  3. kaphillipstx says:

    If we do a 3D paper sculpture like many of the wonderful DT projects, would the shadow box count as the 10% non paper part of the piece or would it just be considered the display method? I sooo do not want to break the rules and disqualify myself. 😉

    • Mike says:

      The shadowbox would be considered as part of the project as you need a shadowbox to complete it. So it would be considered the display method. Hope this helps!

  4. Kat Schriber says:

    two questions. 1. where is the gallery of entries that we may view? 2. are we allowed to ‘share’ our entry publicly or will that disqualify it from the contest?

  5. angelamurraykirby says:

    Hi Mike,

    Is a wood veneer cardstock ok to use for the challenge? I puchased the cardstock at Joann Fabric in the loose cardstock area.

  6. Leslie Cernocky says:

    Leo I just entered with a video – but it keeps spinning so I don’t know if it works. I also have a still shot of the music box works – but it wouldn’t let me add a picture and a movie.

  7. bwells says:

    How much manipulation is allowed, i.e., point editing of one of the components and welding other components from your designs to get the desired effect? Or are you after a reproducible design.

  8. Linda W. says:

    You create beautiful projects, thank you! For this challenge, how much manipulation can we do to your designs, i.e., point editing and welding?

  9. Stefanie Mohrmann says:

    Wow. I am all geared up to try this, but am already humbled by some of the questions. Wood veneer paper? Videos? Interiors of music boxes. Yes, of course.
    Plus I’ve already lost ten days not thinking about it (wish it was ten pounds instead, lol).
    Great challenge, I wish we had more kit-bashing stuff going on!

  10. dphorner says:

    I am sorry for another question. I need a banner shape. You have one in the patriotic package, but there is a much more basic one on SCAL Is that considered a basic shape or for that matter one from adobe photoshop in their basic shapes. I don’t want to disqualify myself before I even get started. I can probably make the one in the patriotic bundle work with a little messsing around. Thanks for your help…again

  11. Monica Ambriz says:

    I just saw this contest today . Yesterday I added a picture to the FB group of a winter castle, can I still use Castle for the competition? or do I need to do a new project?

    • Mike says:

      Hi, Monica! The contest is to Create a Christmas or Winter themed project using two or more Dreaming Tree products. (Ex: Make one of our projects as-is and add something to it using SVG files from another Dreaming Tree product OR mix and match our SVG files to create something completely new or highly modified). If you want to modify the castle and add other files to it, yes you can submit it. Hope this helps!

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