5 Star Reviews


I just wanted to let you all know that the products that you have been releasing lately are just wonderful. You never cease to impress me. I love, love, love the newest bundle. The designs are stunning. I cannot wait to see what you release next. Thank you for the beautiful crafts, detailed assembly instructions and keeping me loving my paper crafting.  


I love all of the dreaming tree projects. Love the way the tutorials give simple to follow instructions. Love that the SVG files work. Thank you for supporting my craft habit Dreaming Tree. Can not wait to see each new project.


I just wanted to give you a compliment, I have used Cricut files for years now and disliked how they would just say glue this together or fold that with no instructions at all, and they cost a small fortune. I found you about a year ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I tried Cricut flowers from paper and got so frustrated with them. It took me hours to create one flower. I said I would never ever do paper again. After finding you all I want to do is paper. I just finished the fall lantern but made it Halloween and made a few eggs but made them Pittsburgh Steeler patterns. Thank you. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for another wonderful shadow box to add to my collection!! I absolutely love these projects and actually hosted a craft day with a few friends that had never done anything like this before. They were thrilled and left with a completed project framed and ready to hang. Leo and staff, thank you so much!!

Rachel A.

I just wanted to let you know...I just don't have enough time to make all the IMPOSSIBLY CUTE items you create!!! I just wanted to give you a huge shout out for such great items!! Thank you!! Rachel A. 

Kathleen V.

Good morning and Happy 4th of July!! I just wanted to let you know my friend and I spent the weekend assembling the two shadow boxes; the summer bicycle, and the spring bouquet. We absolutely love them. The attention to detail is amazing. And of course, the instructional videos are superb compared to any others out there on the web. Leo, thank you. You are all amazing, your high-quality products offered and customer service far exceeds anyone's expectations. Please, please, please consider doing two more seasonal shadow boxes, one for fall and one for winter or Christmas. It would be so appreciated. As a seasoned crafter, I love the challenge of a detailed project and will proudly display it all as a grouping. Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara C.

Super projects! Can't count all the compliments I get from the cards I make from your SVG files. Please keep them coming. The projects are beautiful and really appreciate the assembly videos. Had to let you know how great I think you and your company are. I have already gotten 3 other people to use and buy your project files. Thank you!

Cindy B.

The team at Dreaming Tree Official have created a wonderful world of projects that we can escape to. To create these projects with Leo, is fun and inspirational. DTO you have made the files easy to follow. Your creations transcends me to a world of escapism where only the project I am working on is all that I think about. Reality has left and creativity is the forefront of my mind. Thank you Team DTO. Your site is the best thing that could have ever happened for me.


I just want to say Dreaming Tree is really raising the bar in paper crafting. I have always appreciated the inclusion of an attracted envelope with your cards, but your recent attention to captions and sentiments really increases the value of my purchase. I really appreciate you guys! Thanks.


I wanted to thank Dreaming Tree for keeping all of our purchases where we can access them. I've moved to the other side of the world without taking my computer, and not thinking to move the files onto a flash drive before I left. Now that I want to make some Easter projects, I've been able to not only purchase new files, but download those that I've already paid for! And not only that, when I was still loading my cart, it told me right away that some had been previously purchased. Thank you, Dreaming Tree! 

Christine B.

This is by far the best site to get projects. There is also a lot of support and all are helped if a problem arises. 

Sharon D.

For anyone who loves paper crafting, this is the site for you! Wonderful designs, great explanation! 

Sheldeana D.

There is just no one like you. Your detail, sturdiness, beauty and instructions are the best anywhere. Thank you for all you do, I appreciate each of you!


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your site. I’ve made several of your projects. Your files are easy to use. Your tutorial videos are excellent. Your additional videos on using the Cricut Maker and Design Space have been really helpful and answered a lot of my questions. I have learned a lot from these videos. I have only begun using my Cricut Maker and Design Space and your projects have been extremely fun to make and your instructions are very helpful to a beginner like me. With your help, I’ve gone from not knowing anything about SVG files to actually creating beautiful projects. Thank you so much. Your work is much appreciated and enjoyed.

Melissa M.

I am so glad I found you all. The files are absolutely fabulous and easy to work with. If I get stuck, all I have to do is watch the video instructions. Leo, is the Bob Ross of paper with his supervisor Pumpkin. Mike is super helpful taking wonderful care of all of us with his excellent customer service skills. Ron has such a great creative mind, I love the color and artistry he puts in all the designs. And Diana does such an outstanding job creating the cut files and giving us little cut guides to get pieces placed in the proper place. Thank you for great care and compassion that goes into each design.

Chantal P.

I went to another site to get a svg file and I will say that never again will I do this. It was a guessing game as to how to do some of the assembly. You guys are by far the best place to get files. You have very helpful videos that explain clearly how to assemble the items and make it fun and easy. They are also very beautiful and always turn out amazing plus the customer service I have received is just fantastic. Thank you all for the amazing and hard work you do. This is why I will always shop with you guys! I love the new designs and the Facebook group is pretty awesome as well.

Nia Z.

Today is “craft” day on one of those shopping networks. I admit I used to watch the whole day just to get ideas on cards to make. Now I realize how spoiled I have become by Dreaming Tree and how Leo and his crew create the art and treat their clients. The prices are more than reasonable. You don’t use up the kit that is a basically a bunch of dicuts. Yes you can mix and match but you don’t get to pick and choose the separate themes for yourself. With DT you get tomake any project in all the wonderful iterations you want. Creativity is encouraged and in the free tutorials on YouTube taught to us. The people who offer support do so at an extra charge or call it a bonus, it is not always a part of your purchase. Mistakes are not hidden or glossed over, they are shown and a work around is demonstrated if one exists. I feel empowered by Dreaming Tree, and all the Dreamers who share and post. I love the products that DT offers and have never once felt like I was being sold to. Thank You to Leo, Mike, and all the names i always forget for treating us as people not a commodity to be exploited. I truly appreciate all you do to help us reach our goals and dreams. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!

Patty L.

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful owner, designer, artist and website company you have. I enjoy every project from beginning to end. So far all I’ve made are the free svg files but now I am ready to move on to purchasing. I do one craft show a year and applied for you commercial stamp to sell, maybe, 25 of your amazing creations! I’ll gladly stamp them as I want everyone that’s even remotely creative to know about you….your tutorials on assembly are perfect for someone like me that is, creative but need guidance. Again, thank you!

Janet P.

I love having you in my home teaching me to assemble all your delightful designs through my computer screen, without these videos I would never be able to make the items I have. When I first purchased my Scan n Cut I bought a USB with many items to build but unfortunately there was no picture for the vase I wanted to make and it only cut out three pieces instead of all the pieces required. I paid about £70 which I could ill afford so I could get started and I am not happy at having to go on line to find out what it looked like. Since then I have found your excellent site with wonderful designs at affordable prices, I have never purchased from this firm again, my only source of designs now only come from you.

Heather T.

I just wanted to send you a quick note and say thank you. THANK YOU for having such amazing files with EASY to follow directions. THANK YOU for having your files already sized correctly and ready to go. And THANK YOU for actually responding to your customers when they have a question. I made the mistake of ordering from a different company and will never go anywhere other than Dreaming Tree again. You provide fantastic supply lists, directions, and how to videos. Lesson learned for me…lol, never order from any place other than Dreaming Tree!!

Linda H.

I had a blast making it [Midnight Manor]. I’ve bought a lot of your files, but this is first one I’ve tried. Your video was awesome. Very detailed and very easy to follow. Thanks again and can’t wait to make something else.

Stefanie M.

I just took out an order from your site and I thought I’d use this opportunity to say a big “Thanks” – your cutting files are incredible! Your supplies lists and assembly videos are much appreciated. The videos are done at a pace that newbies can follow easily and so that more “hardened” papercrafters can easily skip a section to get to the bit that’s interesting for them. The supplies lists doesn’t seem to be as “exclusive” as others I’ve seen, it’s more like a suggestion and includes all the extra bits without mentioning brand names, e.g. “rhinestones” instead of saying “you also need ‘perfect blablaglitter rhinestones’, set of 12 in 3 colors”. And of course – thanks for the freebie and the free kit that was included with my purchase.

Liz C.

The project files cut perfectly with the Cricut. Your video instructions are the best showing every detail. I have tried other vendors but nothing compares to [Dreaming Tree]. Your designs are beautiful and I love them all. The compliments I get are fantastic. I don’t sell the finished products because the smiling faces of the people I give them to can’t be priced.

Katie M.

I am so impressed with the patterns I have bought from you guys. They’re gorgeous, sturdy, so easy to assemble (especially with the video tutorials), and every single one I have made has looked phenomenal. The projects I have made using your patterns make intricate paper-crafting so easy it feels like I’m cheating. So, thank you for helping me create many, many gifts to the unanimous delight of my friends and family.

Cathy S.

Thank you SO much! Your designs are beautiful. Your video instructions are extremely helpful. And your customer service rocks!! I’m looking forward to making these projects for my mom this weekend!!


Your Everyday Cards are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. Just made a few – in no time at all – and I can’t believe how beautiful they are – and their envelopes too!

Laurie B.

I have purchased almost everything in your store! You are a true papercrafting genius! Master of the craft. I love your videos and you are always SO helpful. THANK YOU for ALL that you do to keep me inspired and crafting.

Christine P.

I am so happy that I discovered your site! I have made a few of your projects and I am amazed at how easily they go together and with fabulous results! One thing that I think makes the whole experience exceptional are your YouTube videos. When I purchase from your site, I can never remember how to download, unzip and extract the files and then transfer them to Design Space. So I just re-watch your helpful videos every time as I’m doing that and I’ve never encountered any problems at all. Your ability to explain concisely exactly how to it and also your product assembly videos make crafting such a pleasurable experience. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Karen C.

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful files. All of them have turned out beautifully. I also wanted to thank you for having some of the files that are in bundles also in singles. Thank You. I really enjoy all that you do !!!

Cecelia H.

I wanted to say, your company is superior!! No time limits on when you can download your purchased files!!! Thank you for putting your customers first!! I love your stuff and I think your all amazing!!!

Marianne W. 

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your designs. Your videos are very well done and the finished product goes together just as demonstrated. Your svgs cut amazingly well even on the cricut! Thank you for all the wonderful freebies too! I wish you continued success and keep the great designs coming!

Brenda C.

Leo, I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave me tonight. You helping me via your remote assistance, was absolutely incredible. Being able to talk to someone, that knows what I mean, when talking about Silhouette software, makes life so much easier. To top it off, sorting the problem so quickly. Enabling me to get back to doing the things I love to do.

Linda A.

Thank you soooo much for the video of Leo showing how to make those gorgeous centerpieces! Before this video, tracing a snowman and cutting him out was the only craft I could accomplish! After Leo’s super instructions, I have gotten the courage to do crafting! My second grade art class wasn’t a way of life! Please encourage Leo to make more videos because me and my girlfriends benefit alot from them. Leo is an awesome instructor!!!

Alison E. 

Just a quick message from a customer in England, just to say a huge “Thank You” for your wonderful designs. I purchased my Portrait in August last year, and I found Dreaming Tree designs after mooching around the internet for a couple of months.Your designs cut beautifully on my Portrait and so far have needed very little resizing. When given away to family and friends they always get wonderful praise and admiration. My particular favourite is the Stardust Luminary; unfortunately some of the electrical components couldn’t be sourced in the UK so I just made the shade at full size and slipped in a colour changing led mason jar. It looks amazing! The leds don’t get hot (I tested mine by leaving it running for a few hours) so the lantern is quite safe. I made one for myself and have made three more as Christmas gifts, which I know will go down a storm. Many thanks for your beautiful designs – you put so much work into the cutting files and the tutorials I know my project will turn out looking like yours. Please keep these wonderful designs coming!!


I just had to tell you I made the Daisy Cascade Card today for a 1st wedding anniversary. I made the flowers mid apricot with light grey base and grey leaves. I used a gold ribbon which I had on hand. It looked great! And it was so easy to put together. Thanks heaps for this set and all the other kits I’ve bought. I made the Vegas poker box card for our son-in-law which might still be in the post but that was also easy to do. I’m so pleased to have your files as well as Mary’s. Thank you! Thank you! Very best wishes to you and your team!

Teresa G. 

You have the best customer service than any company I have ever dealt with Leo. Keep up the great work!

Kelle C. 

I just found out about your website and was thrilled to find the Lucky 7s Slot Machine. My mom and I are going to Vegas to celebrate her 75th birthday so this will be perfect! The download process was easy and it cut out perfectly. I was also happy to see the assembly video. Great job! Just wanted to say thanks!

Karen T. 

Hi Leo! I am so happy that I found your new company. I wanted to tell you I made the Heart Fan Box and it is an amazing file. It went together so perfectly everything is so precise. I also loved the video so easy to watch and follow. Keep up the great work and I look forward to buying more of your designs! Blessings Always

Andrea F. 

Just want to say thank you!!!!! to Leo for getting me back up and running when my computer crashed and I lost my eCAL program. [I] wasn’t expecting you to answer the phone and on a Sunday to boot, you saved me a lot of anxiety. You are the BEST!

Roberta S. 

I wanted to say I am totally impressed with your files. I have just now gotten to sit down and start making some of my files I have of yours. The PDF menu is awesome on how to put the files together. Love the supplies list with each set. Thank you for linking the stores with the supplies that you do use. Makes crafting easier. Thank you for going extra mile with your files.

Cathy L.

But now you guys, have opened up a new dimension, in which having the right software, the huge choice of files offered, the ease of use, the video providing visual learning, the PDF giving written instruction together with a picture of the finished article, for the price you are paying is exceptional value. Not only that, the commitment to detail in your work and the outstanding customer service you give, is just beyond me. You have answered ALL my emails, given unbiased product information and from every step to ordering my products to receiving the items (within the hour) has just been remarkable. As customers, wouldn’t it be nice to have this level of service on every item you bought, no matter where you purchased, it would make life so much fun.

Jan L.

Leo, thank you sooooo very much for the personal service! Best customer service in the world.

Tammy T.

I have really enjoyed making each and every one of them (products purchased from Dreaming Tree). They have turned out beautifully. The instructions/videos for assembly are very well done and help greatly when making the products. I also love how sturdy/durable they always turn out. I made several friends and family members the Silent Night Bendi Cards for Christmas and they were a real hit!!  Everyone was so impressed!! I like that your files allow for embellishments that let me make each product unique and put my taste and personality into each one.

Tricia S.

I just wanted you to know your whole line is exquisite and a step up from the rest. This is real adult stuff that I would be proud to send to my closest friends! Thanks so much for all you do. I can’t imagine how many hours go into one of your designs. The tutorials are, I guess you could say, the icing on the cake! I can’t wait to see what is next. Keep up the great work and I am SO GLAD I found your site!

Louise D.

Hi Leo! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the fantastic Tis the Season Pop Up Christmas Tree cards – I purchased it yesterday and have just made my first card! I have made many things in my time crafting but this just made me smile so much – I didn’t think I could do it as fixing the mechanism is a little tricky but I finally worked it out with your tutorial and put the card together – WOW was my first thought when I opened the finished card! This has to be one of the loveliest cards I have made – so THANK YOU to you and your clever team – I am now off to make lots and lots of these cards for all my friends and family! Best wishes!

Ruth R.

Thank you so much for your beautiful designs. I just made my first Nativity Box Card. It is so pretty and I am planning on making several for Christmas gifts. The light just glows from it. Thank you making some of my gift giving a bit easier.

Sandie D.

Thank You for your help Leo!!  It’s amazing to see an owner go out of their way like you did to fix something that was obviously an error on my part.  You’re definitely one in a million and I wish you nothing but the best in your new business.  You certainly have customer service like no other!

Sandy L.

I made the lanterns and have fallen in love with the printed velum! That is so awesome. Really taking paper crafting to a new level and making it pop. I already have orders but won’t sell until I have the stamp. I’m going to start working with the winter velum soon. Can’t wait to see what else you and your team creates.

Vi P.

I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the detailed instructions for the package I just purchased. I just finished printing out the PDF files. Thanks for your hard work.

Marcy N.

Leo has always been my guru! He is so helpful, so patient and helps you with any problems! When your an old grandma and know just enough about computers to be dangerous, he leads and guides you in the right direction. Very special person! Thank you so much for all you have helped me with over the years and all the joy you have brought into my life with beautiful projects.

Gabrielle R.

I have been a customer for several years, & I can wholeheartedly state that Leo provides the best customer service possible! One word that describes his level of service… STELLAR!!! His videos, teaching tutorials, and photography are phenomenal, and are just a few of the awesome skills and talent that cause him to stand out among the crowd. His teaching style empowers the viewer to feel like they can accomplish the task at hand, and be as creative as he and his staff are! Mostly, you always get the feeling that Leo truly cares about the service he provides, and that he leaves his customer completely happy and satisfied. We in the craft world are lucky to have him! If you want outstanding service, Leo is your man!

Vickie M.

I have been a customer of Leo’s since the beginning! Dealing with his past company was beyond phenomenal. Leo has exceeded all my expectations and is always a pleasure to chat with. If you have a problem he is always available through phone, email and FB. He always has time for his customers and will patiently help out anyway he can! For this reason I will always be a customer.

Cheryl R. 

Leo’s customer service is the best I have experienced anywhere. I have talked to him on the phone and was never made to feel I was imposing on his time. He was always friendly and patient. E-mails are answered quickly and professionally. The video tutorials that show how to put the kits together are so helpful. I am a visual crafter so these are appreciated. I look forward to the new projects from Dreaming Tree.

Carole N.

I wanted to say Thank You for your wonderful website, cut files, supply lists and instructions on putting the pieces together. I purchased and created the explosion box tonight and got so much joy out of creating this jewel. I know my friend will enjoy as well. It was kind of hard to give it away, but I can alway make another for me. Thank you again for your wonderful products and all that you have put together to make creating less stressful and very enjoyable.