Dreaming Tree’s affiliate program is free and enables members to earn money by placing a link or multiple links on their website which advertises and promotes Dreaming Tree’s specific products. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 20%.

Not only does an affiliate earn 20% commission on the product they advertised, they earn the 20% commission on the entire purchase and 20% on all future purchases that customer makes for up to 7 days past the referral date.

Affiliate FAQs

What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program allows websites to earn a commission fee based on referrals. If you have a website or blog, you can advertise for Dreaming Tree (3DSVG.com) and every time a user clicks from your site to ours and makes a purchase, we’ll pay you 20% of that sale.
Can I use Dreaming Tree's photography and videos on my blog?
Yes of course! We just ask that our original content not be modified!
How do I get paid?
Payments are made via PayPal within the first 10 days of a calendar month after an affiliate has reached a $100 threshold.
How do I track my affiliate stats?
We have an affiliate section that contains link building utilties as well as full affiliate stats here: http://www.3dsvg.com/affiliates/
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