44 thoughts on “Christmas Own Em’ All

  1. Sandy says:

    Dreaming Tree (and Leo’s assembly videos) are the best I’ve found in this space. They do such a great job of designing, engineering the SVGs, and teaching us how to put them together. Good Job team!

  2. Cherry Bruysschaard says:

    I love your designs and am having fun being able to use them on my Brother ScanNCut. I have not done much as I am trying to catch up on embroidery UFOs, but plan on starting to do at least one ScanNCut project a week.

  3. Tracey M says:

    Dreaming tree is fabulous and Christmas is my favorite holiday. More decorations or gifts to give would add to that excitement

  4. Irene Campbell-Bird says:

    Its always a pleasure to work through Leo’ s demonstrations and seeing the results once done.Dreaming tree is so inspirational ,i find myself eager to make something else as soon as i finish the project-im hooked !

  5. Joy Lehnert says:

    I belong to a service organization and we put on a large event around the holidays. These would make perfect door prizes to our generous guests.

  6. Elizabeth Jones says:

    I love making Christmas cards like your Dreaming Tree; they are easy to make them I think 😁😁 looking forward to make it.

  7. Wendy Lambert says:

    My friend hasn’t used the Cricut her husband and I bought her last Christmas yet. These would be good projects for her to start on. Thank you for the chance.

  8. Lynn QV says:

    I love Dreaming Tree! The projects are challenging but not frustrating. With beautiful designs, excellent engineering, & superb tutorials, success is all but guaranteed. If you have a little bump along the way, fear not…client care is swift & exemplary.
    Thank you Dreaming Tree! πŸ’œ

  9. Trudy Sprecher says:

    What a diamond in the rough! Watching your assembly videos is as relaxing as viewing Bob Ross paint. Thanx for all you help πŸ™‚

  10. Shannon Randall says:

    Christmas is my favorite holiday and I would LOVE to win these files! Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

  11. Sherry Hussong says:

    Love all Dreaming Tree files!! I am close to owning them all! Leo is such a good hearted person and cares for us all who are making all these awesome files! Very patient in teaching us ! love all of you on DT !! Such an awesome team!! God Bless You All !!

    • Mike Fernholz says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Sherry! We truly appreciate you crafting along with us! ~Mike πŸ™‚

  12. Carolyn says:

    I love everything Christmas and it is my favorite holiday. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome bundle. Your generosity, excellent service & terrific files with videos are very much appreciated & enjoyed.

  13. Tricia Simon says:

    Beautiful designs!! Now….can you find me some time to play with all these crafty goodies, please?? πŸ˜‰

    • Mike Fernholz says:

      Hi, Sandy! You would just copy the link and you can share it via email, on your blog, Facebook (just make sure the group you are posting to allows such posts), etc. Hope this helps.

  14. Clare Jones says:

    Fab prize & collection
    I can listen to Leo all day, his voice is so calming
    Fingers crossed to win as this would keep me very quiet

  15. Veronica Arredondo says:

    I always loved paper crafting, and this site took it to another level. I enjoy the 3D projects and the designs created With the assistance of the assembly videos, make me look good. I get compliments on the projects I make but always give credit to Dreaming Tree. I love this site!!!!!

  16. gracebaxter2004 says:

    As a long-time cardmaker, I’ve come to trust Dreaming Tree designs to provide that extra special design and dimension whenever I need a card that totally WOWS! I’d LOVE to win the Christmas series!

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