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Fright Night Decor SVG Bundle

  • Tracy Anderson
  • Mary Bennett
  • Gladys Garcia Mitton
  • Melanie Jess
  • Lisa Conner
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Classy Evening Invitations SVG Bundle

  • Michelle Lemon
  • Kathie McCracken Garmon
  • Heather Mueller
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$10 Dreaming Tree Gift Card

  • Cheryl Swanson Gould
  • Kristen Capogna
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Dragonfly Daze SVG Bundle

  • Debbie Toth
  • Deb Cohen
  • Sue Adams
  • Candy Grisham
  • Kimberly Miller
  • Diane Lee
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More Winners

Fairyville SVG Bundle

  • Susan-Jayne Davitt
  • Yvonne Muciek Baker
  • Sharon McCrae Wolfe
  • GeorgiAnne Katek
  • Ana Giselle Alfaro Vargas
  • Ed Berling
  • Suzy Fick
  • Charlotte Ives
  • Daniela Gröhl-Wanders
  • Jade Slaymaker
  • Betsy Madson
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Christmas Magic SVG Bundle

  • Jill Rice
  • Trista Blanke
  • Karen Langley Young
  • Reagan Alexandra Shrum
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Lovely Layered Cards SVG Bundle

  • Arlene Berchtold
  • Phaline Mays
  • Anita Harrison
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Cricut Explore & iPad + Social Media

  • Cricut Explore Winner –
  • YouTube Gift Card – paintnstamp
  • Facebook Gift Card – Robin Sloat
  • Pinterest Gift Card – Adriana Chaves
  • Instagram Gift Card – @suzannehartsburg
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ABC Flowers SVG Bundle

  • Kathi Black
  • Gail Galida
  • Janet Ponsness Lange
  • Donna Warden
  • Kay Larson
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Father’s Day SVG Bundle

  • Karon Sue Stephens Stone
  • Marcos Kenis
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Cricut Explore + Social Media

  • Cricut Explore Winner –
  • YouTube Gift Card – Vickie Sorrell
  • Facebook Gift Card – KJ Kearney
  • Pinterest Gift Card – Amanda Ocasio
  • Instagram Gift Card – @okt123
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