Dreamer Spotlight -Sheila Zielonka

I recently had the opportunity to do a video call with Sheila and learned so much about her. It was great to be able to see each other live and to chat with someone who you have only spoken with online. Sheila has been a Dreamer for many years and has created many projects from the Dreaming Tree site and has also put a unique spin on things by combining various Dreaming Tree files. I am not surprised by her creativity as Sheila has been a creative person for most of her life. She used to make soft furnishings as well as curtains and even made custom wedding dresses. She is such a fun and creative person to talk to and I look forward to chatting with her again.  ~Mike

Where are you from? 

How did you get into paper crafting?

How long have you been a Dreamer and how did you find us? 

What was your first Dreaming Tree project?  

What words would you use to describe Dreaming Tree?

Which Dreaming Tree product is your favorite?

What was your most challenging Dreaming Tree project?  

What advice would you give a new Dreamer?

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7/30/2021 4:59 PM
I love every piece of art created by Sheila.  She has a gift to turn the DT ideas into visual beauties. I like her honesty to say 'I will not be doing that again….ever.' However, she did it before giving up.  Thank you for your inspiration.
Like Sheila, I find DT the best chance to create, to follow along, to stay in the flow, to extend my growth mindset to persevere with. The end result is so rewarding. Teamwork!