Dreamer Spotlight - Tara Fowler AKA Tee Ara

I recently had the opportunity to do a video chat with Tara and learned so many fun and interesting things about her. Her love for crafting doesn’t stop with paper, Tara also paints, draws and sews among other things. Tara forwarded over many of her wonderful Dreaming Tree Projects as well as samples of her hand drawn art and I must say it was very difficult to not showcase all of them. Be sure to take a peek at them at the bottom of this post. ~Mike

Where are you from? 

How did you get into paper crafting?

How long have you been a Dreamer and how did you find us? 

What was your first Dreaming Tree project and your favorite?  

How many Dreaming Tree Projects have you completed?

What advice would you give a new Dreamer?

It really was a pleasure getting to know Tara more and as promised here are photos of her other ‘passions’.

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6/22/2021 1:42 PM
Tara , you made beautiful things , your drawings are amazing , greetings from the Netherlands
7/11/2021 2:24 AM
Oh my goodness - I thought that your owl was a photograph, until I clicked on it, and zoomed in!  Ah-MAZ-ing!!!