86 thoughts on “Dreaming Tree App Cricut Explore Air 2 Giveaway

  1. Loretta Potz says:

    Love your designs. I get them from you and from your Cricut affiliation. Your maybe small but your designs are great.

  2. Rita DeCook says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity ti win such a nice prize. For as long as I have been shopping with DT (even before DT) and following on Facebook, I am keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully I will join the list of winners. Woukdvdo live to win tge new Cricut. Loving the app. Hopefully I can keep up with all that is DT when I am on the go.

  3. Brenda Gesnaldo says:

    Love this app and everything dreaming tree. Leo and staff and always helpful and give lots of feedback . There products are fun to make and the videos make them a breeze to put together.

  4. Sedira Sanders says:

    Don’t despise small beginnings. I love what you guys do and wish you nothing but great success. Congratulations on the app❤

  5. Debbie Helterbrand says:

    Dreaming Tree is remarkable! I’ve never seen a small business that is always giving back to the people. You bend over backwards to teach and help all your followers. Thank you again for another opportunity to win a Cricut Explore 2. Haven’t won yet, but I’ll keep trying.

  6. csmccormick6 says:

    I need to retire from working so I can make all these amazing things! I may get distracted at work dreaming about my next project. Haha

  7. Catherine Kerrigan says:

    Absolutely the best in every area and every way possible. Dreaming trees commitment to excellence is hands down the best

  8. Tina Smith says:

    Look forward to exploring the app. I am a new user and downloaded a free project to get me started. The help videos were invaluable to get me up and running, thank you so much!

  9. Heidi says:

    I discovered dreaming tree when I saw my local craft shio here in the UK was displaying your wonderland castle next to the cricut machines. I asked the assistants where the file came from that they had made and they told me about you! I purchased it and other things straight away and I’m going to make it in the next few days.

  10. Adriana Bul says:

    Hello iT succeeded to get the app! I follow you already a very long time from the netherlands! I love all the things you make and the clear explanations! Chapeau!

  11. Adriana Bul says:

    Hello iT succeeded to get the app! I follow you already a very long time from the netherlands! I love all the things you make and the clear explanations!

  12. Kim Burton says:

    My word I love the app Leo and thank you. Blessed I found your site many months ago. I have become a more motivated person, and I after cancer treatment. So lucky 🍀 thank you very much. Xx

  13. Debbie L. says:

    Love your site, and your projects are amazing! I’ve made several for myself and gifts for friends and family. I always look forward to seeing your newest creations! Thank you for making crafting so satisfying. Your videos are SO helpful!

  14. peg_courant says:

    Your team is amazing at making such intriguing items. They look like a master artist made them after I finish them. Keep up the good work!!! Love everything about the app, your website and your very relaxing and informative tutorials.

  15. Lori Beyer says:

    I love this! I can browse projects while sitting at a stop light. Or refer to a project while shopping for supplies. Handheld fun!

  16. Deborah Thompson says:

    Great designs, the assembly tutorials are so helpful. I watch tutorials on projects that I haven’t even downloaded, yet! Easy to follow directions and the supplies lists are awesome!! Loving the new app!!

  17. Beth may says:

    Thank u for doing this i make alot of things for my grandchildren when ever they come over we have alot of fun doing things for their parents. I let them pick out there own paper don’t agree with the colors but that is what they want. Also thank u for the help u gave me one day when i called it helped me so much. I could really use a new cricut the one i have is making noises i don’t think it should lol guess that is what happens when u use it so much. Any that i run into at the craft store i tell them to go to dream tree they will love and i show them things i have done. Thanks again Leo.

  18. tsliwa.plumtree says:

    Leo, your talent, design, and creativity on Dreaming Tree is absolutely amazing! And besides all that, you have such patience AND you have replied to questions when I got stuck. I don’t know how you do it with just 3 people in your company. Keep up the good work. 🤞🏻For me for this contest🤞🏻!

  19. Laura Lien says:

    Awesome app! Another great way to see all that’s going on with Dreaming Tree. Would love to win this to make my life easier cutting out SVGs which would mean I could get crafting again!

  20. Stacy Rogers says:

    Wow, your developers did a fabulous job designing this app. I love how user friendly it is, being able to stream the video within it is awesome!

  21. Judy says:

    I am not sure that the wonderful people are dreaming tree realize how deeply they touch everyone that uses their site. I personally have made a lot of their designs as gifts and have gotten rave reviews and a few years of joy. That is what makes this site so special to everyone that utilizes this site. Thank you

  22. chlomichlomi says:

    j’ai découvert 3dsvg il y a environ 3 semaines je passe plusieurs fois par jours sur le site et je viens d acheter le logiciel cuts 5 ceux qui me manque c’est du temps je voudrais faire beaucoup plus continu comme sa Léo ceux que tu fait et génial et me donne de nouvelle idées je tente ma chance pour cette cricut.

  23. Pam G says:

    Thank you for all the hard work in producing the assembly videos for your projects. Those make it SO much easier for me to make projects I can be proud of.

  24. Cheyenne Williams says:

    Hi! Im a single mom of 4 little girls and crafts are our life!! I would love a cricut so I can expand my craftness as well ad make them some adorable shirts!! 💜💜

  25. Alice says:

    Leo, know it’s been a busy season for you. Everything is fabulous! The designs, creations, your video instructions, the members’ post, the fantastic designs created from members using different projects, member interaction, this website, giftaways, and everything in between. I haven’t posted any designs as I fgd orget to but I enjoy looking at everyone else’s. A little behind. Not sweating small stuff. Working on 2 Poinsettias., s white and red , maybe pink .. depends. Finishing up Victorian card, looking forward to lantern!!

    Thanks for everything to each and everyone of u. You appear to be more relaxed, enjoying yourself more and professional! Great work on everything!! Much love to best team on the 3d paper market!

  26. ahsmit1978 says:

    Thank you for the awesome paper crafts you creating im a single mom of a 15 year old autistic son. Love him to bits but this is my time out from everything just to get focused again. Thank you for your help here and there and thank you for your new designs love them all…. wish I could purchase them all at once hehe

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