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The Dreaming Tree app is back and better than ever. As you may have read, the previous app was taken down because we had some issues with the developer and to be honest, I just didn’t like how it worked. We’re not a multi-million dollar company so we couldn’t possibly spend thousands of dollars to create an app, but I found a solution that I’m very happy with and so far, many of our Dreamers feel the same way! Check out the reviews below:

Fantastic Revamp! This new app works beautifully and makes managing the Dreaming Tree content so much easier! Definitely a MASSIVE improvement. Leo and the team should be very proud.

Goblinkatie (Apple App Store)

The new dreaming tree app is amazing. Everything you need in one place. Access to favorites, coupons and news is easily accessible. What I love most is the how to videos are all under one button and super easy to get to. There is also a help button if there are every any problems and they respond right away. Love dreaming tree cant wait to see more!!

Shawna Barnes (Google Play Store)

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