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While I’m majorly jealous of the craft rooms with tons and tons of goodies, you don’t need all that stuff to make beautiful things with paper. Actually, everything you see on our site is made with very few items. Occasionally we’ll create projects that require supplies that you won’t find in this list, but for the most part, the staples below are all you need! Note: When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. ~ Leo 


Projects before September 2023 used American Crafts AC Cardstock which is an 80LB (216 GSM) Cardstock. Although it’s available in various places, the link will take you to 12×12 Cardstock Shop which is owned by a nice couple out of Utah that carries most of the colors in single sheets or packs of 25. They ship fast and offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. *As of September 2023, Dreaming Tree transitioned to Encore Cardstock.

12×12 Cardstock Shop now carries vellum! FYI, if you don’t get it from them note that we typically use 27LB Vellum.

I’ve tried a variety of glues and everyone has their favorites, this is mine. I prefer the smaller bottle (2oz) as it is easier to handle. There are also all sorts of optional nozzle attachments and bottles available (third party), I tried them and I don’t care for them. You might find them beneficial and that is totally okay, whatever works for you! The glue bottle is just like any artist’s tools, you just have to get the feel for it.

This tool is great for picking up small paper pieces as well as applying rhinestones and pearls to projects. It has a tacky tip that lets you pick things up and a detachable piece that can be used to hold paper (or embellishments) down as you pull the tacky tip away. 

These are the mats I use to protect my desk when I craft. You’ll see it in pretty much every assembly video!


I use these pads for inking on card stock and patterned papers. I love it because it gives me great control in tight places and I can really control how much or how little ink ends up on the project. These don’t work very well on glitter papers because the glitter grabs on to the actual material (I still use it on glitter), but it’s perfect for paper! The link below will take you to Amazon, but you’ll get them cheaper at your local JoAnn’s if you use a coupon. 

These are my go-to inks for distressing and inking edges on my projects. I like the thickness of the pad and that it doesn’t oversaturate whatever applicator I’m using. They come in a variety of colors and I don’t really use ALL of them so be sure to pick ones that you’ll use regularly as some of mine have sat for quite some time. Some of the most common colors we use are as follows: Potter’s Clay, Bamboo Leaves, Rhubarb Stalk, Tangelo, Lady Bug, Cottage Ivy and Turquoise. 

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