Importing Dreaming Tree SVG Files Into Design Space Using iPad

Cricut recently released a Design Space update that makes it possible to download our files and upload them directly to Design Space using ONLY your iPad. Due to the fact that our files come ZIPPED, you will need a third party program to unzip them since iOS does not offer unzipping as a native capability. We’ve tested (as you’ll see in the video below) and recommend WinZip Pro which you can download from the App Store by clicking Here or on the official badge below.

Download WinZip Pro

Video Tutorial

Note: Be sure to view the video full screen and in HD using the buttons at the bottom of the video (after you press play) and be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for future videos! 

3 thoughts on “Importing Dreaming Tree SVG Files Into Design Space Using iPad

  1. Rosa Guillen says:

    A critical component of the update did download and my iPad just keeps blinking trying to complete update. What do I do?

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