EXPIRED – New Free Gift – First Responders SVG Bundle – $6.99 Value

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14 thoughts on “EXPIRED – New Free Gift – First Responders SVG Bundle – $6.99 Value

    • Leo Kowal says:

      Nicole, based on my research, there are 60+ titles that fit the label first responders. We tried to isolate the most popular. We don’t like to leave anyone out so we have talked about a future followup to include more titles. Thanks for your input!

  1. Michelle says:

    Love this ! Please make a Fireturck, Police Car and Ambulance as a box ! Bought these for Police week !!! Thanks

  2. Deanna Rushforth says:

    Please everyone remember your Police Officers – National Thank a Police Officer day is May 15th and celebrated that whole week. Just a quick thank you goes for a long way. You don’t realize how hard this job can be until you watch it from a wife’s and/Mom’s eyes. My son the other night had a 2 person automobile fatality (17 & 18 year old), 3 overdoses to which they had to give Narcan and where one died and had to taz a person all in the same night. Please just walk up and say thank you, or buy them their coffee or coke. Thank you from this Mom and wife of a LEO

  3. Vi Pingel says:

    Love these, my niece is a doctor and her husband is a police officer, always wanted to make something special for them now I can, and my other nephew is a pharmacist. Thanks to your team for this awesome bundle.

  4. Gabriela Jiménez Chirino says:

    Me encanta, trabajo en un Hospital, voy a regalar confites a todas mis compañeras Enfermeras. Gracias

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