EXPIRED – New Free Gift – Home Sweet Home SVG Bundle – $6.99 Value

  • Spend $9.98 or more at our shop (click here to shop)
  • Type FREEGIFT into the coupon code box during checkout (click here to see video)
  • Autumn in the Air SVG Bundle will be automatically added to your order, FREE!
  • That’s it!
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33 thoughts on “EXPIRED – New Free Gift – Home Sweet Home SVG Bundle – $6.99 Value

  1. Terry Smith says:

    Love, love, love this! Will definitely be my next purchase. I love the crocuses and for sure this will be my next shadow box!

  2. rose-martin_yvette says:

    This crocus planter is to die for. We cannot keep any houseplants alive (temperature change in our house is too great, or watering doesn’t happen) and this sooo says ‘spring is here!’ Don’t think I can wait till the instruction video!

  3. Maureen Sparrow says:

    So springtime, I have to have the crocus and the bottle holder is lovely. Guess ordering the bundle is the best way to go. Maybe I will shop and then get a free bundle hmmm I will then add it to all the other unmade things but I MUST make the crocus one (or is it croci).

  4. rpike2 says:

    I just ordered the alluring flowers bundle and typed in free gift for this great new freebie. I did not get the freebie. Can you help me?

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