EXPIRED – Trick or Treat SVG Bundle – $6.99 Value

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16 thoughts on “EXPIRED – Trick or Treat SVG Bundle – $6.99 Value

  1. iamaqtee3 says:

    love this site i love making there stuff everyday i look to see what i can make next this site makes crafting wonderful thanks leo your videos on youtube are amazing

  2. Janice Fritz says:

    oh how I’d love a circuit machine. I’m a widow and money is tight . I’d love make things for my gchildren for holidays. I’d so appreciate a circuit machine with what’s left of my golden ( not) years. I’m 71 now be 72 this year . If I am choosen it mean world to me and I thank you very much .

  3. Debbie Simpson says:

    Love your line of SVG patterns esp 3d shadow box scenes Hoping you will come out with more seasonal ones Like the Fall scene so i can just change out each season for
    Winter Spring and Summer

  4. george easton says:

    Leo I love your teams designs, along with your explicit instructions, on how to build. I’m soon to be seventy four, but your the other guy in my life. It seems I speak more to you than my husband some days. all the very best.

  5. Debbie Simpson says:

    i placed a order today and attempted to enter Trick or Treat SVG Bundle in coupon area and it said It does not exist my order amt was $19.46 Order # 327253 thank you

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