Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Custom Coffee Cup Design – Path Tool and More

I recently received an email from a customer asking how to use Sure Cuts A Lot to create a custom coffee mug design and thought it would make a great video to show off some of the software’s capabilities!

In this video I cover the following topics:

  • Working with circles 
  • Copy and Paste in Place
  • Resizing using Option (Alt) + Shift
  • Stroke and Fill
  • Layers
  • Path Functions
  • Type on Arch Tool
  • Rotating Elements
  • Exporting SVG Files (Design Space Compatible)
  • Importing SVG Files into Cricut Design Space

Video Tutorial

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One thought on “Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Custom Coffee Cup Design – Path Tool and More

  1. Sandy Evans says:

    Thank you Leo, I love how easy you made it seem . I am wondering if I made one for one name, can I go back and change the name on the to another name? Or would I have to re-create it again.
    Thank you again. I hope you make more videos on how to creat in Sure Cuts A Lot. I am on my iPad, as soon as I get to my computer I am going to buy Sure Cuts A Lot from you.

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